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The RGNUL has established a Center  for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASIHR) to undertake and promote advanced study and research in the emerging trends relating this area. With human rights and the principle of respect for human dignity at its core and taking many cross-cutting issues into consideration –

Aims of CASIHR

The CASIHR aims at promoting, supporting and carrying out advanced studies and interdisciplinary research on numerous issues ranging from good governance to globalization processes, with a particular focus on:

(i)             human rights in national, regional and international perspectives;

(ii)            human rights in peace and war;

(iii)           human rights and human security;

(iv)           trade and sustainable development,

(v)            nuclear weapons and use of force by States;

(vi)           environmental degradation;

(vii)          democracy and rule of law; and

(viii)         human rights and good governance.

In full recognition of the complex national and international issues involved, the CASIHR intends to approach any study and research from a multi-level and multi-actor perspective. Besides such studies and independent applied research, it ambitiously aims at

(i)             creating working documents serving as advice  to policy makers on human rights governance and public policy issues; and

(ii)            to regularly organize conferences, seminars and debates on the relevant topics.

The ultimate objective of the CASIHR is to emerge as a think tank for national and international issues relevant to promotion and protection of human rights and human dignity. The programmer  is no doubt highly ambitious, but so is the spirit of this university's management, staff and students.



Dr. Jaswinder Kaur

Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASIHR)

Rajiv Gandhi Naitonal University of Law, Punjab
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Patiala - 147 001 (PUNJAB)
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