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RGNUL- I PAN Working Paper Series

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FD Iin Multi-Brand Retail in India

International Policy Analysis Network (I PAN)

In association with

School of Agriculture Law and Economics, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law,Punjab India

Invites contributions for the first edition of this joint Working Paper Series




The past decades featured with in hesitant scales of globalization resulted into excessive emphasis up on economic development. The emphasis on economic development had to be justified with industrial expansion and growth; which further deprived agriculture of an optimum concern and impetus. All these features in an encapsulation resulted into Agricultural Deterioration; further creating a need to balance development with sustainability goals. Research in agriculture and development of agricultural law are a probable consequence of these factors. Agriculture, when ignored in policy making and law formation, posed numerous challenges for the administration; as the Indian society and its livelihood depends upon the agrarian pattern to a large extent.

School of Agricultural Law and Economics (SALE) is a Center  of excellence established with an object to provide a platform for multidimensional analysis of the agricultural sector in connotation to legal, social, political and cultural paradigms. In other terms,it is center  forwarding with disciplinary approach to he study of economics and law. Its hall undertake research projects, curriculum coverage on important themes like standardization  of agricultural products; farming patterns; Issues related to agricultural insurance especially the crops and the workers,problems related to marketing of agricultural produce; credit needs;  and tenancy issues; environmental concerns; policy framework and agricultural planning issues related to international trade in agriculture especially under the regime of the WTO. Environmental Concerns hold even more crucial significance for study because survival of the mankind also might get affected by climatic or environmental changes.

The School of Agricultural Law would encompass the study of the law which focuses on the special rules and exceptions made for agriculture. It basically aims at focusing how agricultural laws can be used to serve the diverse and competent interests of the agricultural society. An understanding of agricultural laws would require understanding of the agricultural financial institutions and the people associated therein such as the farmers, food processors, the landlords, the tillers, the suppliers of agricultural inputs and equipment’s, agricultural workers and the like.


The object of the School o Agricultural Law and Economics (SALE) is to equip the learners with knowledge of laws related to l    thereby enabling them to implement and utilize legal Instruments for the purpose of sustainability and social welfare.


  • The objectives of the School of Agricultural Law and Economics are:
  • To facilitate an in-depth research in the area of agricultural laws and economics.
  • To study the basic concepts of agricultural development and the role of law
  • sensitizing the people associated with the planning and development of the rural sector with the legal requirements and legal remedies.
  • To undertake research projects on agricultural economics with an interface of law regarding policy, planning and implementation.
  • To study developing areas of law and agricultural economics at national and international level
  • To organize seminars, conferences and workshops in collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations on the significant issues of agricultural economics and law
  • To create a network with those institutions and organizations which work with the aim of finding out more workable remedies for the problems related to the major agricultural issues.
  • To provide policy inputs to the department of agriculture of the state so as to assist them in their research and development programmer.


The School of Agricultural Law and Economics plans to organize a number of sensitization programmer  and seminars with the due cooperation of the expert faculty and researchers of the field from the neighboring  universities and colleges, who can illuminate upon the interface between law and economics in general and agricultural laws in particular.

We also plan to start a specialized course in agricultural laws so as to equip the budding lawyers of the state with adequate knowledge so that they can meet the requirements of the agrarian economy.


SALE has a rich library which provide sad equate literature that can facilitate an in-depth study of agricultural laws.A researcher or an academician interested in doctoral research can take benefit of this library which remains open from 9.A.M. to 4 P.M. on all working days.

We are also preparing an extensive bibliography and database on the subject of agriculture laws that shall facilitate the collection of literature for the researcher.

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