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Server Room

The university Server Room is equipped with Blade Server, Central Core Switches, and Security software’s. All the IT facilities established in the various buildings of the University are managed through the Server Room. In the server room the university has latest configuration blade servers. All the software like Intranet, Anti-Virus, I P-Exchange server, Fax server, Voice message server, Network Management System, D H C P server are controlled through these blade servers. The University has installed the latest configuration storage in the server room, where the data of all I P surveillance and Intranet has stored in it. All other WiFi controllers, and L 2 Switches, N K N Router, Fiber connectivity modules, IP exchange and U T M are a part of the Server Room. The entire LAN network of the university is connected with the server room is on 10 G speed.

Computer Labs

The first Lab was established in the University in the year 2006 at RGNUL old campus. In the year 2014 the computer lab was shifted at RGNUL New Campus. In the new campus the University has established two fully air conditioned computer Labs with 70 computers having latest configuration and high speed internet facility at R G N UL New Campus, Sidhuwal, Patiala. First Lab is equipped with 64 no’s computers of HP, in the Second Lab there are around 16 no’s of Dell All in One computers. The Dell Lab is established under U G C scheme of establishing/up gradation of Computer center in the Universities. These Labs are also equipped with latest windows and Microsoft office.

Educational IT Equipment’s

To provide the best use of IT in the field of education the University has installed Interactive board, Projectors and Multimedia podium in each class rooms of R G N U L new campus at Sidhuwal, Patiala. The software supplied with the interactive whiteboard will usually allow the teacher to keep notes and annotations as an electronic file for later distribution either on paper or through a number of electronic formats. The University IT department is available to provide guidance to the students, faculty staff and Non-teaching staff in attaining expertise in operating computers. The academic curriculum of the University is largely oriented towards the use of latest technology. To interact with different universities the video conferencing facility is also available in the University.

Website Maintenance & Intranet Facility

The IT department of the University updates and maintains the website according to requirement of the Faculty and staff members of the University. One of the major achievements of the University is to provide ERP facility to all the students, Faculty and other staff members of the University. Daily notices, absentee record, event detail of the University, Syllabus, committee detail are available on ERP and updated frequently.

Internet Connectivity and Security

The University is having 1 G bps connectivity for its campus through B S N L under N M E I C T project. With the implementation of this mission the R G N U L is become a part of National Knowledge Network (N K N). This project provides E-connectivity for the students and the teachers; it helps the students in the field of Law and having communication with other Universities and also for their placement. To provide secure Internet connection the University is having Secured Firewall (Unified threat Management System) at its premises. It is an appliance that delivers real-time network protection against evolving Internet threats through unique user based policies. These hardware firewalls safeguard the network from the outside threats and intrusions. Use of IT facilities requires prior registration and the granting of a user code or an individual password. The R G N U L campus is a fully WiFi campus with access to Internet, Intranet and e-mail for 24 x 7 hours.

Connectivity through Fiber and Other IT facilities

The University initiated its efforts by surfacing a plan for developing a Campus Wide Computer Network with a mandate to link together all the computing resources located in different departments, Research Center and other buildings of the University. Campus Networking (LAN/WiFi), University website, Internet, Intranet, I P Intercom Telephone exchange, I P Surveillance and other IT facilities like Class Room Interactive Board, Multimedia Podium, Projectors and sound system in all the class rooms and other buildings are also maintained by the IT department of the University. The University has connected various buildings like Academic and Administrative Block, Hostels, Faculty Residence, Facility area, Guest House etc. etc., through Fiber Optic Cable. The Single mode/ multi-mode fiber-optic cabling will be laid over a distance of about 3 km connecting to various departments of the University. Now all the Administrative Block, Guest House, Facility Complex, Hostels and Faculty Residence of the University are connected with single mode optical fiber backbone.

Centralized UPS

For the Safekeeping and to provide uninterrupted supply of all the IT equipment’s like Computers, Printers, Projectors, Interactive Board, Multimedia Podium, WiFi equipment’s, L 2 and L 3 switches, P cameras, I P phones etc. etc., the University has installed three 40 K V A (Total 120 K V A) Centralized at its premises. The main advantage of centralizing UPS is that by doing so, we can isolate all our maintenance, repair, replacement, and security at same single point. Even though all the UPS’s works on redundant mode, if one UPS fails another UPS can cater the load to all the IT equipment’s.

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