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The team for Law and Technology is one of the latest initiatives established by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, in 2018. This Effort is being made to undertake research in the vast and ever-growing area of law, encompassing all the new contemporary areas that help in science and technological advancements vis-à-vis their implications on law. An attempt is also being extended to research unregulated areas of technology which are emerging as a result of advancements taking place.


The main objective of law is to catch-up to the advancing technology. Our team seeks to study this relationship of how law interacts with science and technology. Within such a short while of its existence, the team has begun publishing its newsletters. At present, the team is seeking collaboration with the esteemed organisation, Anand & Anand, for its upcoming magazine issues. The team's offerings related to science and technology are grouped into various interesting clusters of study like, the Intellectual Property Rights law, Health laws, Internet law and Cyber space regulations, Technological and Civil liberties etc. Our team is dedicated to the aim of exploring these fields in detail.


1.The team aims on conducting research on laws in relation with technology, focusing on developments taking place in science and technology, especially in the evolving areas with main focus on topics like Communication devices, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Data storage and Data protection.

2.Our research articles cover a vide range of technology laws, including cyber-crime and cyber-security, biotech, crypto currency, entertainment law, telecommunication regulations, and we wish to enhance this perspective by connecting to other organisations undertaking such initiatives of research in order to create a resource pool of advanced knowledge.

3.The team also, seeks to undertake research with regard to alternative usages of technology's unparalleled resources and to build a community of academicians interested in the intersections between law and technology through workshops and other academic initiatives.

4.The team plans to hold substantive talks and study groups of students and organize social events to spread awareness among peers regarding the new laws evolving around the technology.

For Further Information Contact:

Dr. Abhinandan Bassi

Faculty Co-ordinator, Law and Technology

Asst. Professor of Law, RGNUL


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