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A University Health Center  (U H C) has been setup in the University. U H C has complete facilities for indoor admissions, minor surgeries, resuscitation equipment, vaccinations, and sterilization of equipment and stock of medicines for routine and emergency ailments. It functions for twenty four(24) hours. Among other efforts being undertaken by the UHC are: Gender Education, Acquiring Life Skills, Prevention of Addictions and Substance Abuse, Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, General Hygiene and Health, Psycho social issues etc., U H C also has taken up the onus of conducting routine health check up of students and staff, especially the food handlers in the canteen. Surveys on vaccination status are routinely conducted and necessary measures undertaken.

Special Measures taken during Covid-19 pandemic

The University Health Centre (UHC) has been active all through the Covid19 pandemic. The health care was being continuously enhanced and strengthened according to the growing and changing needs of the lockdowns, curfews and the quit stages. In the primary phases of pandemic the UHC made it sure that personal soaps, sanitizers and masks were distributed among all the staff of the institution; specially the frontline workers. As a special measure for all the members of the institution and also for those who had to visit the campus, dispensers for sanitization have been installed at different places in campus. If anyone contacted the UHC for the need of sanitizers or masks, they were proved with the same with no delay.  The UHC has been taking due and firm care of daily sanitization of the campus with sodium hypochlorite solution. Thermal scanning at main gate done is done by security guards. Everyone entering the campus is scanned for fever and allowed to enter the campus only after passing through this scanning. Education and sensitization of all the employees and students of RGNU, Punjab regarding covid-19 has been done on various intervals. The UHC continued to monitor health conditions of the residential and non-residential employees and kept in tough with all of them all through, since the outbreak of the campus. Sampling for Covid19 has been done at regular basis with minimal intervals and also whenever found necessary. Separate isolation wing for girls and boys have also been arranged in the hostels. As a matter of pride, the UHC is also fighting with the Corona virus by arranging on the campus vaccination drive. Several rounds for the same have been arranged.

Mobile helpline No.: 8968491342

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