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RGNUL Punjab has integrated Law Practicum Series in curriculum to bridge the gap between academic courses and the skills lawyers require for practice. Vice-Chancellor, RGNUL observed, “Law Practicum Series will engage students in a capstone learning experience. This innovative pedagogy aims to enhance knowledge and competence of RGNUL students to address challenges and problems in legal fields.”

Advocates and retired Judges delivered lectures on constitutional law and criminal law in RGNUL Law Practicum Series. Mr. Arpit, AoR, Supreme Court of India, discussed “Minority Rights under Indian Constitution.” He deliberated on T.M.A. Pai Foundation Case related to administration of educational institutions by the minorities. Mr. Chinmay Surolia, Advocate elaborated on the judgement of Bhim Singh v. Union of India (2010) during the Law Practicum Series on “Federalism and Centrally Sponsored Schemes.” Mr. Namit Saxena, AoR, Supreme Court of India, delved into ‘Repugnancy’ in this series. The ideas of Sir Thomas Paine, John Locke, Rousseau regarding the State were taken up by Advocate Narayan Har Gupta. In furtherance with Constitutional Law Practicum Series, Mr. Sharique Hussain, Advocate, Delhi High Court, talked about doctrines of severability, eclipse and waiver of the fundamental rights. He also focused on Personal Law. Mr. Shubhendu Anand, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, spoke on the topic “Finance commission and Indian Federalism”. While elucidating the relationship between Article 269, 270 and 280, Mr. Anand alluded to M/s. Ghodawat Energy Pvt Ltd vs. The State of Maharashtra.

Ms. Shreya Maini, AoR, Supreme Court of India, delivered a lecture on “Arrest, Investigation & Filing of Charge Sheet” in Practicum Series on Criminal Law. The upcoming lectures in Criminal Law Practicum Series include, “Discretion in Sentencing” and “Defects in Investigation”. Law Practicum Series on Intellectual Property will be held later this month.

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