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Capsule Course for DDA/ADA Aspirants  will commence on 20th of June 2022 and the last date of Registration is17th June 2022

“Investment through Intellect and Gains through Productivity”

RGNUL Institute of Competitive Examinations

RGNUL Institute of Competition Examinations (RICE) has been established to prepare the aspirants for civil services. RICE offers coaching for Judicial Services and Civil Services (with focus on law subjects). Special classes are conducted after the regular classes and on holidays including Sundays. Special sessions also are organized to develop writing skills of the aspirants which is perhaps the most important tool for success in the subjective type exams undertaken by various Civil Services. Interview techniques and group discussions methods are also being considered as the crucial contexts of training to prepare the aspirants to face the Interview Boards and Recruitment Panels. ‘RICE’ in brief considers all the aspects of the selection procedures pertinent to Civil Services (Judicial and Executive).


The cardinal perspective of the Centre for Competitive Exam forming its Object is ‘Investment through Intellect and Gains through Productivity’. RICE targets on an authentic transfer of knowledge and intellectual ability to the learners. This is done with a motive to create and develop productivity of the learners, which further pays them rich benefits in their professional and personal growth. ‘RICE’ as an institute dedicated to the overall growth and development of the students, aims at achieving the following objectives;

  • To inculcate sense of competition and spirit of toil in the aspirants;
  • To create an efficient class of executive and judicial officers equipped with the legal potential to justify their role performance;
  • To foster conscience of justice in the aspirants of civil services;
  • To transcend regional limits of learning and teaching so as to gain knowledge on national levels and to enable the aspirants for global competence;
  • To instil professional competence and quest for success in the tutors, in order to make them chariots for the institutional growth;
  • To discover a dutiful citizen from within the students and aspirants;
  • To achieve excellence and proficiency in all fields of education in order to extract and internalize maximum information regarding General Studies;
  • To establish library consisting of important books, journals, and magazines needed for competitive examinations; 


RICE has its own library which is equipped with a data base on almost all fields of administration like Agriculture, Social Human Development, Human Development Inx (HDI), Investment Details, Infrastructure etc. This library includes books on Economics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Geography, History, Law, Public Administration, Political Science, Religion, Research Methodology, Self Development, Social Work, Sociology and Women Studies, and books on thinkers of various Social Sciences and their Thought, etc.


Faculty from within and outside the university has been engaged for providing coaching to the enrolled students. Services of various professionals from various universities, colleges and institutes have been engaged to accomplish the set targets of the RICE and to help students attain their goals in a functional manner. Advocates have also been engaged for teaching the procedural law subjects.


RICE organized a “One Day Workshop on Learning Effective Teaching Skills” on its campus on 20th January, 2008. Professor (Dr.) N.L. Mitra, Former Vice‑Chancellor, NLSIU, Bangalore and NLU, Jodhpur was the Chief Resource Person‑cum‑Facilitator at this workshop. Teachers from the fields of Law and all Social Sciences from the neighbouring universities and colleges having teaching experience of up to five years, had been invited to attend this workshop, which re-oriented them for effective classroom teaching as well as interactive teaching and learning strategies. Professor (Dr.) Mitra gave valuable teaching and training to all the teachers attending the Workshop. The works forwarded by him laid a special stress on developing a research based and a career oriented curriculum for the students of law. A specially compiled Study Material was also facilitated to all the participants, which is an eternal piece of knowledge for the persons attending the workshop. Academicians from various fields of knowledge like Economics, History, Law, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology attended the workshop and learnt effective teaching skills. The Workshop was remarkable success and a model for the coming events of same nature for the host Institution and other too.

RICE organized Ten Days Duration “Panel Discussions’ on the campus; wherein all the Second Semester students were divided into ten panels constituting eight members each. Various topics of concern like ‘Reservation’, ‘Privatization’, ‘Ethnocentrism’, ‘Penury’, ‘Crisis of Employment’, ‘Domestic Violence Act’, etc., were allocated to the Panels. The Panels and the House were conditioned in formal and professional way. All the panels at the end submitted Content Analysis of the respective topics for discussions. Action plans and recommendations have been formally compiled and sent to various governmental departments, ministries and organizations dealing in respective portfolios, with a motive to seek improvement in the present social structure.

RICE conducted coaching classes for Judicial Services Examinations in2013-14, Preliminary and Mains Examination.

RICE organised coaching classes for Judicial Services Competitive Examinations (Preliminary, Mains) in 2014-15 and also helped the students in interview preparations.


RGNUL Institute for Competitive Examinations (RICE) functions under the auspices of the RGNUL administrations and it is developing under the able guidance and supervision of the Hon’ble Vice‑Chancellor and worthy Registrar.

For further details contact:

Dr. Basant Singh 

Mr. Anubhav Kumar

Mr. Saurabh Sharma



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