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It gives us great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the alumni section of our website. Your presence here signifies a significant asset to the university and an essential component of the RGNUL community. The university takes immense pride in your past achievements and ongoing endeavors, as your success resonates deeply within our institution. Your accomplishments not only shape our reputation in the professional realm but also serve as a profound source of inspiration for current students.

As esteemed alumni of RGNUL, we hold dear the memories and friendships forged during our time here, memories that endure for a lifetime. However, amidst the demands of our daily lives, maintaining connections becomes a challenge. This platform serves as a conduit to reconnect with fellow alumni from all graduating batches, as well as esteemed faculty members, enabling us to reminisce and share our experiences through words and images alike.

Furthermore, this platform offers an avenue for alumni to contribute valuable insights that promote the growth and development of our alma mater. It also provides mentorship opportunities for current students across various fields of endeavour. We wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the myriad offerings of this platform. Together, let us strengthen the bonds of the RGNUL family and pave the way for collective growth and success. Alma Mater Matters…


  1. Cultivate a sense of solidarity and camaraderie among alumni, fostering lasting connections with our beloved Alma Mater.

  2. Inspire alumni to actively contribute towards realizing the vision and goals of RGNUL, thereby enriching our alma mater's legacy and impact.

  3. Establish a vibrant virtual Alumni Association, serving as a dynamic hub for networking, sharing experiences, and fostering professional growth.

  4. Facilitate seamless coordination of both local and virtual alumni initiatives, ensuring a diverse range of engaging activities and events that resonate with our global alumni community.


  1. The association plans to organize lectures, seminars, workshops, and cultural activities from time to time.

  2. It also plans to bring out a news bulletin at regular intervals.



Mr. Mukesh Kumar Singh



Mr. Aishwarya Ratna Pandey

Vice - President


Ms. Akanksha Rajpurohit



Mr. Harkirat Singh

Member Executive Committee

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anand Pawar





Dr. Rachna Sharma        

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Renuka Soni

Associate Professor of Law

Dr. Abhinandan Bassi

Assistant Professor of Law

Dr. Sangeeta Taak

Associate Professor of Law

Dr. Gurneet Singh

  Assistant Professor of Law

   Ms. Jasmine Kaur

Assistant Professor of Economics



Yachna Nimi

3rd Year | Batch 2026

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

LinkedIn Id:

All the Alumni are hereby requested to provide theirContact No., email ID's and latest correspondence address forfurthercommunication about the activities of Almuni Association. The member cansend information at the earliest on the email ID: inthe given proforma.

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