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Welcome to Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law

The virtue of an educational institute is to act as a frontier of academic excellence and intellectual discovery. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law is committed towards the same through a blend of creativity, discovery and innovation to make it a preeminent centre of legal education in the country.

We at RGNUL are constantly striving towards the same through a diverse and robust academic experience that enables the students to map out their own progress. Rajiv Gandhi National Law University lays stress on multi-dimensional and holistic development of the students through a network of dedicated faculty, legal clinics and intellectual centres that constitute the soul of the university.

The prime strength of any academic institute is its student community. The constant endeavour of RGNUL has been to enable the diversity of students from different corners of the country to to study, to teach, to write, to debate, to explore, to question, to innovate, to litigate, to advocate, and to pursue the highest ideals of law and justice. Apart from a robust academic curriculum , RGNUL focuses on breeding a thriving and productive student community. At RGNUL we have a varied and unique array of student run committees, engaging extra- curricular activities , research- specific intellectual centres as well as a  strong alumni network that is constantly engaged in raising the university to new echelons of excellence.

In its twelve years of academic excellence, RGNUL has constantly engaged with judges, eminent lawyers, international scholars and academicians to provide the students with rich and in-depth knowledge that enables them to explore opportunities and act on issues that matter. A thriving example of the same is the Law Practicum series which is an integral part of  the course structure. At the same time, RGNUL also provides international exposure to its students through  Memorandum of Understandings with international universities, to widen the horizon of the students .

RGNUL shall be constantly endeavouring to enrich and support the students, scholars and every stakeholder towards the attainment of academic excellence in their professional life as well as for the greater good of human kind. The core strength of the university is its commitment towards excellence and research , along with an unparalleled professional legal programme. I encourage you to spend time to know RGNUL and the various exciting platforms that it has in store.


Professor(Dr.) Anand Pawar

Registrar, RGNUL, Punjab

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