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The Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy Laws (CASEL) was established as a research unit by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab in the year 2017. The aim of the Centre is to undertake various tasks in order to sensitise the public on issues relating to conservation of energy, low-carbon  emitting  resources,  judicious  utilisation  of  fuel  and  electricity  etc  so  that  the international commitment to environmental protection and sustainability can be met.
Apart from a focus on renewable energy resources, CASEL also aims to undertake research on and critically analyse various energy related legislations in India, annual reports of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and other such organisations etc and suggest amendments to the same. Besides, CASEL also works to study and examine various judgments of the national tribunals and international courts on energy related issues. We also aim to lay special emphasis on the sector of nuclear energy and related international cross-border deals.

With the  objective of  promoting renewable sources of  energy and  saving  power,  CASEL collaborated with the Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd. (SECI) in order to set up solar panels in the University (RGNUL), to the result that today, solar energy is used for 30% of the total electricity consumption by the University.
With the objective of spreading awareness regarding international and national framework of energy, CASEL undertakes extensive research on various legislations governing energy and related case laws, apart from keeping track of recent developments in the energy sector, and makes them available in the form of briefs to the students, faculty members and the administrative staff of RGNUL for convenient learning.

Faculty In-charges

S. No. Name of the Professor Designation
1 Dr. Shiva Satish Sharda Faculty Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Gurmanpreet Kaur Faculty In-charge

Student Body
S. No. Name of the Student Year of Study Designation
1 Pranjali Sahni V year Student Convener
2 Amrit K Nandan IV year Co-Convener
3 Shreethama Ghosh IV year Co-Convener
4 Sakshi Garg III year Associate Convener
5 Akshat Jain III year Associate Convener
6 Vaibhavi Bhalerao II year Outreach Convener
7 Saksham Srivastwa II year Outreach Convener
8 Tanveer Kaur I year Member
9 Ishan Mehrotra I year Member

Dr. Shiva Satish Sharda
Assistant Professor of Law, RGNUL Faculty Coordinator, CASEL
Pranjali Sahni
Student Convener, CASEL
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Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy Laws
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab
Sidhuwal-Bhadson Road, Patiala, Punjab-147006

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