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(Established Under the Punjab State Legal Services Authorities)

In order to give effect to the policy and directions of the National legalServices Authority and to provide free legal aid to the poor, needy persons andthe members of the weaker sections of the society and to social welfareactivities through awakening the people particularly illiterates and ruraltiesliving in remote backward areas of State of Punjab about their legal rights andduties; and to make them aware of different social welfare activities sponsoredby the State and Central Government with ways and means to avail suchfacilities Legal Aid Clinic has been established at the Rajiv Gandhi NationalUniversity of Law, Punjab.


(I)           LegalServices
(a) Rendering Legal Services
(b) Assistance in Drafting of Notices, Replies, Applications, Petitions etc.
(c) Assisting in Resolution of Disputes.
(d) Rendering advice for prevention of disputes
(e) Instant advice and information on legal aspects
(f) Assist the poor litigants in drafting, typing and presentation of miscellaneousapplications
(g) Assisting the poor litigants in making oral quarries from the offices ofCourt, if any, with the assistance of Secretary DLSA.
(h) Monitoring the follow up actions in the matters in which legal assistancehas been provided. 
(i) Encouraging amicable settlement of disputes through Lok Adalat andMediation.
(j) Settling the disputes through counselling in order to avoid litigation. 

(II)          Other Services
(a) Guidance and assistance in preparing job applications, including for MGNREGAScheme
(b) To Liaison with Government Offices so as to help the deserving, forclearance of their work like old age pension, ex-gratia compensation etc. 
(c) To promote setting up of Legal Aid Clinic in Village and distant Villages.
(d) To provide Legal Assistance at the Village Legal Aid Clinic 
(e) Assistance in Lok Adalat.

(III)         Persons entitled to Free Legal Services
(a) Members of Schedule Castes and Schedule tribes.
(b) Victims of trafficking or begar.
(c) Women / Children.
(d) Mentally ill or disabled persons.
(e) Victims of Mass Disaster.
(f) Persons in custody.
(g) Industrial Workers.
(h) Persons whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-

(IV)        What is provided in Free Legal Services?
(a) Free Services of Advocates in court Cases.
(b) Free Legal Advice.
(c) Payment of court fee, process fee, diet money of witnesses, othermiscellaneous expenses incurred in litigation.
(d) Free Services of Advocate to undertrial/accused during Remand Hours.


Dr. Kamaljit Kaur
Dr. Gaganpreet

Dr. Abhinandan Bassi

Dr. Ivneet Walia

Mr. Gurneet Singh

Dr. Rachna Sharma

Dr. Sukhwinder Kaur Virk

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

Sidhuwal - BhadsonRoad