Research / SSSIS

School of Social Science

Introduction of the Center 

After all the attained professionalism and growth an individual is still an innate social being having a social environment full of aspirations, values, culture etc. All these aspects not only influence an individual but also define a given society. Moreover these aspects of a given society are the parameters to compare it with another social set up. Therefore, there is always need to studying and exploring the Social Sciences as a branch of knowledge.

In consonance with the Objectives of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL), Punjab, the School of Social Sciences and Inter-disciplinary Studies (SSSIS) has been established at the University. The SSSIS has been established to foster the social aspect of all learning. The School promotes the idea of inter-disciplinary studies and research. SSSIS plans to develop a degree on social sciences.

Shweta Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor of Political Science, is co-ordinator of the SSSIS.

Aims/objectives of the SSSIS

1. To continuously promote interdisciplinary studies and research within the University as well as in partnership with other national and international educational/academic institutions and other institutions promoting in academics and research

2. To design new curriculum  and new degrees of academic and social relevance

3. To promote innovative teaching methods in order to make education system goal oriented and effective

4. To encourage a holistic intellectual approach to address social problems

5. To achieve excellence in the field of integrated studies and higher level of research by establishing center   for specialized  areas of research

Activities of the SSSIS

1. The First RGNUL Multidisciplinary Congress (MDC) on Political Science and Global Governance, 26-27 March 2011 and the Second RGNUL MDC on Research Methodology, 02 March 2013. Both the events were sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research-North Western Regional Center  ICSSR-NWRC), Punjab University, Chandigarh. This event would be organised annually by the School.

2. The conference proceedings of the First RGNUL MDC were published under the publication of RGNUL in 2012 in FORM OF AN EDITED book.

3. The conference proceedings of the Second RGNUL MDC are being published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom in a book form.

4. MOU between the RGNUL and the Ontario International Development Agency, Toronto and the International Center  for Inter-disciplinary Research in Law, Laurent  University, Bradbury , Canada.

5. MOU between the RGNUL and the International Center for Inter-disciplinary Research in Law, Laurent University, Bradbury , Canada.

6. The SSSIS was the Knowledge Partner for Research Methodology Certificate Course conducted by the Alexis Foundation.

7. Under the RGNUL’s MoU with the Ontario International Development Agency, Toronto and the International Center  for Inter-disciplinary Research in Law, Laurent  University, Bradbury , Canada, The School organised a two day International Conference on Sustainable Development, 4-5 December, at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Chandigarh. Having been held for a number of years this conference is being held in India for the first time.

Forthcoming Events/Publications

1. The selected papers of the Second Multi-disciplinary Congress on Research Methodology are being published in the form of an edited book by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom.

2. Publication of Social Science Journal

3. Third MDC to be organised in 2014.

4. A Two-day International Conference on Indo-US Relations and South Asia in collaboration with American Center , US Embassy, New Delhi, Planned for September 2014.