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International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is a set of rules which seeks, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict. It protects the persons who are not, or are no longer, participating in the hostilities and restricts the means and methods of warfare. International Humanitarian Law is also known as the ‘Law of War’ or the ‘Law of Armed Conflict’.

The Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977 require the State Parties to disseminate the content of these humanitarian treaties as widely as possible in their respective countries. Of course, their inclusion in the military instructions is indispensable to ensure their implementation in the times of armed conflict. However, it is equally important to promote the knowledge of Humanitarian Law among those whom it is intended to protect - the civilian population as well as among those who have to apply it. At the same time, political leaders policy planners and the decision-makers must also be familiar with the law so that they are aware of its relevance, realism and mode of operation, if and when a conflict breaks out.

The subject of International Humanitarian Law has assumed immense significance in India during the last decade or so and it is offering newer avenues for the law graduates in the Twenty First Century. Therefore, to ensure its respect and also to promote its development, it is an essential task to include International Humanitarian Law as a subject at academic level. At the same time it is need of the hour to create awareness and interest among the students so that they can choose International Humanitarian Law for their future research and to sensitize general public about the provisions of the IHL. Centre for Advanced Study in International Humanitarian Law (CASH)established at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab at Patiala has taken a number of steps to achieve in the South Asian region.

Due primarily to efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Regional Delegation, New Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab has established in a short span of one and half year a Center for Advanced Study in International Humanitarian Law (CASH) with the sole aim of promoting teaching and research in the area of IHL.


Our Specialized Center of IHL aims at

  1. Recommending ratification of the instruments of International Humanitarian Law;

  2. Disseminating information and awareness about the subject of IHL;

  3. Preparing a data base and carrying out advanced research in the field of International Humanitarian Law;

  4. Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and sensitization programmers etc. etc;

  5. Facilitating the implementation of obligations arising from the body of law, in particular by reviewing and advising on the national legislation and administrative measures (repression of violations of humanitarian law, protection of the emblems, guarantees for protected persons);

  6. Advising on the disseminating and training in International Humanitarian Law in India (aimed at the armed forces, police, civil servants, humanitarian organizations, legal and medical civil servants, legal and medical professions, schools and universities, journalists and the public at large);

  7. Coordinating and stimulating activities of the government and other organizations to strengthen and disseminate the information relating International Humanitarian Law;

  8. Recommending the adoption of measures to promote national implementation in other States drawing on the resources and expertise available in India;

  9. Maintaining a pool of personnel with expertise in Humanitarian Law and ensuring links with other national committees and the ICRC;

  10. Establishing a network of academic experts to assist in the promotion, development, teaching and implementation of International Humanitarian Law

  11. Providing training courses and encouraging and facilitating the future researchers by providing literature relevant material and case laws.

As a matter of fact the aim of the CASH Center  at the RGNUL, Patiala is to ensure that the future leaders and opinion makers understand practical relevance of the subject of IHL and have a thorough knowledge of its basic principles. Whenever there are serious and large-scale violations of IHL, the law itself tends to get the blame. Such violations should, of course, rouse the international community to action however, it is important to find out exactly where the problem lies rather than rushing headlong into changing the rules, especially as this is now-a-days an extremely arduous, costly and unpredictable process. Therefore, the first and foremost function is to sensitize teachers, researchers and students of our University at Patiala, about the provisions of the IHL so that they may choose IHL as a field in their future research endeavors.


As the ICRC, Regional Delegation, New Delhi, is already engaged in organizing awareness campaigns, seminars and other sensitization programmers on current issues in academic institutions, we aim at organizing Regional Workshops for the teachers and scholars engaged in the research of various issues in International Humanitarian Law from time to time at the RGNUL Campus at Patiala.

Last year, with the liberal financial and logistic support of the International Committee of Red Cross (Regional Delegation) New Delhi, we organized a One Day Sensitization Programmer  on International Humanitarian Law on 14 March 2007, wherein all the law teachers as well as nearly all the eighty students from the University were sensitized about the significance and application of the International Humanitarian Law. The Sensitization Programmer was a grand success.


The Center  for Advanced Study in International Humanitarian  Law is also planning to organize a number of Sensitization Programmed  and National Seminars etc. etc. by inviting the faculty and researchers working in the area of research in IHL from the neighboring universities and law colleges to generate them awareness about the importance of International Humanitarian Law.

We are planning to start a Post Graduate Diploma Course and On-Line course in International Humanitarian Law to make the subject popular among the law students both at graduate as well as at the post graduate level.

CASH is also planning to offer the Postgraduate degree specializing in the international law related to situations of armed conflict and states of emergency etc.

CASH is planning to organize a Moot Court Competition for the Law Schools and Universities throughout India. The objective of the Moot would be to develop, increase knowledge and interest in International Humanitarian Law in academic institutions throughout India. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, takes justified pride in having successfully organised at its campus at Patiala the most prestigious three Moot Court Competition in a short span of one and half year. These are: The LAWASIA Moot Court Competition (February 2007); The Commonwealth Moot Court Competition(August 2007); The Bar Council of India Moot Court Competition (January 2008).


CASH has a rich library of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Any researcher or an academician undertaking high-level research, both doctoral and post doctoral, can richly benefit by visiting our library that remains open from 9 A.M to 7 P.M. on all the working days.

We are also preparing an extensive Bibliography and database on the subject of IHL and Human Rights Law that shall facilitate the collection of literature for the earnest researcher.


For the purpose of effective monitoring, advice and supervision of the activities of the center , a Monitoring Committee has been constituted by the University headed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The Monitoring Committee shall meet at least twice a year for the review of the working of the IHL center 


CASH is a one step taken in this direction. The journey towards this end has just started. At this stage if at CASH we are able to make people around us this region the repulsive effects of any violent act/war, it would be an achievement. CASH wishes to get the cooperation from those academic institutions/NGOs etc. etc. who are already engaged in the work area of International Humanitarian Law through research.


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