Ph.D. / Fee Structure

Application Fee

Rs. 2000/-

Registration Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Annual Fee

Rs. 5000/-

Computer Lab Fee

Rs. 3000/-

Late submission of progress report after

31st March / 30th September each year

Rs. 2000/-

per half yearly

Thesis Submission Fee

Rs. 15,000/-

Fee for Extension of Time for Thesis submission

by six month at a time.

Rs. 7500/-

Fee for one additional opportunity for the

second viva-voice

Rs. 10,000/-

Re-enrollment Fee

Rs. 5000/-

Re-submission of thesis fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Provision Certificate Fee

Rs. 2000/-

Change of Supervisor

Rs. 5000/-

Change of Area of research

Rs. 5000/-

Copy of an Examiner Report of Thesis

Evaluation and Viva-Examination Report

Rs. 1000/- per report