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Aims and Objectives

Sports Committee is the guiding force for promoting the sports culture at RGNUL. The committee is formed by incorporating members from faculty, staff and students. The formation of the committee is by selection from faculty and staff; while the students are selected to join the committee based on their interest. The duration of the committee is for an academic year, during which they will meet at regular intervals to plan, discuss and execute the activities as scheduled by the Sports Department.

Events organised by the Committee:

·       Cricket

·       Football

·      Volleyball

·       Throw ball

·       Badminton

·      Athletics

·      Basket Ball

·      Table Tennis

·      And various indoor games.

The Sports Committee is also instrumental in the selection of various teams and individuals who have represented RGNUL and brought laurels at various inter law school tournaments.

This Committee has been appointed for the Academic Session 2021-22



Dr. Lakhwinder Singh

Assistant Professor of Law

Dr. Gurneet Singh        

Assistant Professor of Law

Mr. Anubhav Kumar

Assistant Professor of Law

Dr. Siddhartha Fullar

Assistant Professor of Law

Mr. Ankit Shrivastav

   Assistant Professor of Law

Mr. Ashish Gaur

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Siddharth Dahiya

Adm. Officer

Dr. Prabjot Kaur

Sports Incharge

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