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This Committee shall be known as “RGNUL Cultural Committee” (RCC) which shall be its official name.

Aims and Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of RCC:

1.    To promote and encourage the cultural activities and events among the students in the University.

2.    To oversee and supervise the cultural activities within and outside the University.

3.  To manage the participation of students representing the University in cultural events at various cultural competitions and festivals. 


 Following provisions shall govern the general working of the RCC:

1.   The RCC shall be responsible for administering and supervising all the inter-university cultural events.

a)  Detailed rules and regulations for each cultural event in an academic year shall be determined by the RCC.

b) The RCC may constitute sub-committees comprising of volunteers for conducting cultural events. In no circumstance the volunteers shall be considered as official members of the RCC.

2.   The RCC shall be responsible for administering and supervising the participation of students representing the University in various cultural competitions and festival.

a)  Detailed rules and regulations concerning the selection for, and representation of students in, competitions and festival in an academic year shall be determined by the RCC, with approval of faculty in charge.   

b)  The RCC shall notify all the students of such competitions and festival and the procedure for selection and representation.

c) The RCC shall conduct trials, if necessary, for selecting the students to represent the University in such competitions and festivals.

3.     The RCC shall discharge all other official functions related to cultural activities not covered above.



Dr. Tanya Mander

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Jasleen Kewlani

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Jaswinder Kaur

Assistant Professor of Law

Mr. Saurav Sarmah                

 Assistant Professor of Political Science

Ms. Jasmine Kaur        

Assistant Professor of Economics        

Ms. Neha K Chawla        

Assistant Professor of Law

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