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Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) has been established to promote students’ and researchers’ interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution constituting dispute resolution methods like Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation and Conciliation. These methods gained momentum in the country in past few decades. Thanks to the efforts of Legal Services Authorities under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, and other initiatives, ADR mechanisms have now become a part of Indian justice delivery system. These dispute resolution methods, though more economical and faster are not yet very popular among common Indian masses. CADR endeavors to promote and develop ADR as a vehicle of socio-economic and political justice. The ultimate objective of the Center is to strengthen ADR mechanism in the country by emerging as a platform for students to further their interests in the field. A strong team of teachers and students is working towards achieving this end.

Functions of the Center for ADR

Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) works towards developing a congenial environment for students and researchers to further their interest in ADR, the Center regularly organizes seminars, workshops, guest lectures, panel discussions etc., where eminent speakers give insights into the theoretical and practical world of ADR. Research paper writing competitions and Essay writing competitions are held by the Center to promote research in the area of ADR, which has long been neglected. To promote ADR among RGNUL community, quizzes and other competitions are regularly conducted at the Intra university level. The cell proposes to conduct Negotiation and Client Counseling Competitions, Mediation Competitions which not only acquaint the participants with the procedural aspects of ADR mechanisms but also help them in honing their inter-personal skills.

CADR has not limited its vision to law students and scholars alone, rather it has a greater objective of making the common masses aware of ADR, especially Mediation, Arbitration and Lok Adalats as an alternative to the traditional court based litigation. In pursuance of the same, awareness drives are being conducted in the Patiala district. The members of the Center, while explaining the residents the merits and demerits of ADR, encourage them to exercise these methods of dispute resolution wherever possible.

Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

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