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The Centre for Environmental Legal Studies (CELS) was established by the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab in 2016 as a research centre tasked with the responsibility of undertaking and encouraging discourse on the wide array of enviro-legal issues faced by humanity, at a domestic, regional and international level. CELS seeks to collaborate with various experts, leading academicians, legislators, and government authorities to raise awareness of environmental concerns and advance legal remedies for the same, while also endeavouring to contribute to the complex and multi-dimensional issues of enviro-legal policy in India.


In the short period of its existence, the Centre has worked towards its goal by devising various ways to best meet its objectives, including, sending recommendations to the governments and conducting programmes to improve the understanding of complex legal issues in the field and sensitizing the community toward the need to zealously preserve and improve our environment. The Centre has undertaken several measures to disseminate information about environmental concerns through conducting various activities, and has also contributed to the national policy framework by making recommendations and collaborating with the Ministry of Environment, Forest Conservation and Climate Change (MoEFCCC), Government of India, in relation to the Central Government rules dealing with hazardous chemicals (Rules of 1989 and 1996).


1. The Centre is engaged in reviewing and publishing an Edited Book on Environmental Law which aims to deal with certain significant, complex and emerging issues in the field such as the role of technology transfer and IP laws in meeting environmental goals, the successes and failures of corporate social responsibility in environment protection, as well as the need for inclusive and community-based environmental policies.

2. CELS is committed to enhance the awareness and understanding of complex enviro-legal issues and in-line with the said objective, is looking to organize events such as lecture series by eminent academicians and experts in the field, academic discussions, and competitions to encourage discourse and research on emerging environmental concerns and the ways in which the law may be better used to meet the environmental goals.

3. The Centre seeks to facilitate primary research by students of the University aimed at assessing the lacuna in implementation of environment law and policy and engage with various organisations and authorities to tackle the endemic problem of ineffective implementation of the law in India.

Dr. Renuka Soni
Mr. Rajat Dixit
Ms. Sonika


Centre for Environmental Legal Studies, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, Sidhuwal-Bhadson Road, Patiala, Punjab-147001
Email: cels@rgnul.ac.in

Student Convenor:
Contact: +91 9872464015
Email: souradeepmukhopadhyay@rgnul.ac.in

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