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The ‘Journal of International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Study’ (JIHLCS) under the aegis of Centre for Advanced Study on International Humanitarian Law (CASH) is initiated with a vision to analyze, educate and encourage a debate on issues pertaining to Humanitarian Law. A study on Peace and Conflict vis-à-vis International Humanitarian Law is a novice subject in India and is gaining traction, albeit slowly. The conflict ridden Middle East, as well as the growth of far right nationalism sweeping both Europe and America, present an ominous sign, forecasting a difficult time for Humanitarian Law and it is our moral duty to not let the progress made by humanitarian be undone.

This journal aims to provide a platform to encourage scholarly research and policy assessment in the field of International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Study, and give an opportunity to young scholars and writers to share their opinions on pressing matter in this regard.

This endeavor is aimed at creating an informed environment wherein opinions from varied groups and backgrounds can be showcased to a global audience, through the medium of web network.  Since we live in an age of instant news, voices on relevant matters need to be heard and well addressed, which is exactly what the e-journal shall cater to.

About the Journal:

This journal aims to provide a holistic approach in understanding the nuances of International Humanitarian Law by delving deep into the history and nature of conflict along with the political diplomacy and coming up with an assessment of law and order in force. Meritorious suggestions and policy making initiatives shall be entertained.

It will be an electronic journal which will be issued annually, with recurring editions, subject to certain themes and can be further bifurcated into sub-themes of choice. The journal will function with the help of an established editorial board, which shall have faculty members, legal luminaries, and other interested students. The journal will also constitute an Advisory Board, which shall have legal scholars associated with the field of International Law/ International Humanitarian Law and practice as its members.

For any query related to  Journal of International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Study’ (JIHLCS), contact

Dr. Sangeeta Taak
Faculty Editor, Journal of International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Study (JIHLCS)
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab
Tel: 0175-2391382 

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