Research / CASCL


RGNUL has established a Centre for Advanced Studies inCriminal Law (CASCL) to undertake: advanced study and research in the emergingareas of criminal law; professional training including sensitisation onapplication and enforcement of criminal law in the fair and coherent manner;research projects independently or in collaboration with professionalorganisations at the national and international level; to bring aboutpublications and produce study material on various aspects of criminal law andto organise seminars, workshops and conferences on contemporary and significantissues of criminal law. Under the auspices of the CASCL, the University hasalready started Two Year Post Graduation Programme in (LL.M.) in Criminal Law.The Centre is also ready to enrol candidates for Research Degree Programme(Ph.D.) and to undertake other research projects. The Centre aims to contributein the improvement of administration of criminal justice system as a whole atregional, national and international levels. The major areas of thrust are tobring about reforms in the substantive and procedural criminal law in view ofthe modern crime scenario; development of sound criminal justice policy andpractice; to generate respect for human rights and rule of law in the administrationof criminal justice; training and technical assistance to agencies concernedwith administration of criminal justice; renewal of sentencing policies andcorrectional systems; revamping justice to the victims of crime, and legal aidand speedy disposal of the criminal cases.

Centre Co-ordinator

Dr. Sharanjit

Dr. Ivneet Walia